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The Benefits of Residential Care

The decision to move into a care home can be a difficult one, especially for families that are striving to make the best choice for their loved ones.

The Benefits of Residential Care The Mayfield Care Home

You can’t get away from the fact that some care homes are less than perfect. This can make choosing a home for your loved one all the more stressful. However, with approximately 490,000 people living in residential care in the UK in 2021, many people are clearly finding care homes that can and do cater for loved ones’ needs. While it’s essential to take your time when choosing a care home, visiting, meeting the manager, and speaking to residents and their families, if possible, the right care home will take much of the stress away from a situation where a loved one is no longer able to care for themselves.

Safety and Peace of Mind

One of the main drivers of the decision to move a loved one into residential care is the need to keep them safe from harm. Older people who live alone, or who are suffering from illnesses which make them vulnerable to injury, can struggle to safely cope with daily activities. A fully staffed residential care home ensures that help and assistance is on hand 24/7 should your loved one need it. This provides security for them and peace of mind for you knowing your loved one is safe and well cared for at all times.

Companionship and Activities

Research has shown that many older people struggle with isolation and loneliness and that a million over-75s can go for a month without speaking to anyone. The best residential care homes are those which make efforts to provide companionship and activities for their residents to enjoy. This could include things such as escorted walks or trips into town or to entertainment venues, hobbies like arts and crafts and gardening, or practical activities like baking or helping in the kitchen. Some even have visits from pets as therapy animals to give comfort to those missing a cherished pet. At all times, the best care homes ensure that residents have the full benefits of friendship and companionship of others.

No Worries About Heating or Eating

A vital tool for maintaining good health in older people is the ability to regulate body temperature. Too many older people living alone can be reluctant to turn on the heating whether due to financial constraints or old habits. A residential care home will always be heated to the correct temperature to keep residents warm and comfortable. Utility and food bills are no longer a worry.

Meals, Nutritional Needs and Medication Taken Care of

It is a sad fact that some older people start to eat and drink less than they should and their health begins to suffer. Ageing often means that nutritional needs change; as we get older, we need more calcium and vitamin D to maintain bone health, more fibre to aid digestion and more unsaturated fats to reduce the risk of heart disease. Residential care staff work closely with doctors and health professionals to establish and maintain the correct dietary requirements in the form of regular, nutritious meals along with regular hydration. Older people can often forget to take vital medications or renew prescriptions too, so it is comforting to know that care home staff are on hand to ensure every resident is taking their medication as needed.

Personalised and Specialist Care

From cradle to grave, every one of us has different needs, different likes and dislikes, and this doesn’t change as we age. A good residential care home will have fully trained staff to care for those with conditions such as dementia, or who have physical disabilities which require extra care or personal assistance. You should look for a care home where staff and management are happy to engage with all the family members as well as the prospective resident to find out what their needs and preferences are.

As mentioned, as long as you do your research and take plenty of advice to assist you in choosing a care home for your loved one, you’ll provide them with the perfect setting in which to enjoy their later years.

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